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Dreams of Disquiet

The explorer is tasked with traversing other reality that border our own. 

this game was inspired by the PS1 and N64 style of games.


The player selects a destination then the avatar moves to the selection, this was done to create emergency situations that the player walks into due to a lack of visual information. (15).gif


Talking to NPC in the World gives the player Cope a resource that assist the player in Combat. It also serves to reinforce players interaction with the story elements of the game. (12).gif


Combat is inspired by punch out where the player attacks at any time in addition to this we put together a collection of system to empower the fast hectic combat.


The health system is a roller based system where the player receives damage and based off the amount stock piled in the buffer is then removed from the player at various speeds, dependent on the total health the player has at the moment. (11).gif
Emotional State

All combat has a Dialogue Stage that the player can use to change the flow of combat. these include giving the player health after attacking, To making the enemy more aggressive, etc... (14).gif

to give a sense of flow to the combat the initial punch the player uses has a wind up, however this can be chained with a quick follow up punch. (1).gif
Critical  Damage

The player receives instant damage straight to their health and the counter decreases at a higher rate. (10).gif
Enemy Stun

when an enemies about to attack there is a yellow sheen that can be seen and if the player attacks in this widow they are able to stun the attacker. (6).gif
Perfect Blocking

By blocking right before the enemy hit the player receives no damage and the players damage buffer is cleared. (7).gif
Power Words

power words is the worlds version of magic, cope is spent battle to cast power words. At the beginning of the cast time slows down so the player has time to think about their options.


applies damage the enemy at a set rate not to strong on own but can cause stuns to enemies. the effect also stacks. (8).gif

Freezes the enemy in the position they were in when cast. (13).gif
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