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Gravity Lock

Design Overview




Movement :

The player can move through the map using the WASD keys. ​

Aiming : 

the player can aim by using the mouse to look around the world. the player has a reticule in the center of the screen to allow them to aim the shots from the gun.

Jumping : 

the player can jump by pressing the spacebar and by pressing the spacebar a second time while still in the air the player can perform a second jump. If the player collides with a wall that can be ran along the players jumps are reset allowing for another set of jumps.

wall Running :

when the player jumps onto a wall the player can choose to begin wall running along the wall the player is colliding with. the player can activate this ability by jumping onto a wall then holding the space bar.

Fire : 

By clicking the right mouse button the player can impart force into objects and by holding the button down you can increase the amount of force placed in an object at one time. By clicking the Right mouse button the player can turn on and off gravity of objects the player can then jump on these objects and they will support them without moving downward. 

Character Respawn : 

There are few places the player can die but I wanted to make sure death was not a game stopper so when the player does die i spawn them at stratigic checkpoints through out the level quickly.

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