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Design Overview


F=Ma is a high action, soft Sci-fi, first person shooter that takes place in a space station. The player now must use a weapon to propel themselves and defend from the various threats brought against them. 

The Genre 

The Genre is first person shooter designed to make the player feel like they are flying through space.

The Feel

the player is trying to course correct and stay alive. By making the shooting also the way of moving we effectively turn the player into a rocket.


Aiming Backwards

The player is able to aim directly behind them and generate forward movement this will allow them to move while still being able to keep the enemies in their viewing camera. 


 All shooting will be done by firing from the hip and will not allow iron sights. The mouse will be locked in the middle of the screen to allow quick mouse movement without interruption.

A/D Rotation

By pressing the A and D button on the keyboard the player will be able to Rotate themselves.


Health will be a value from one to 100 this will be the unit that is used to determine death of the player. Health can only be Recovered at a Checkpoint and Nanites injection station. The challenge will be maintaining the Health needed to Reach a Check Points.


Force Mass Accelerator

The FMA takes the player's current speed and adds it to an object in the environment, stopping the player completely and making the object move through the map, colliding with walls. If used with charging with players speed the FMA will stop the enemy hit with the beam in place but result in a longer cooldown.

  • Gun Behavior

    • The FMA does not have any recoil but rather takes it away from the player. 

    • The FMA is Semi-Automatic and the player will be able to fire it as much as they want, however the player needs speed to apply to other objects.

    • The Fma gun has no ammo as the player will need to gain speed before utilizing it and as it does no damage there is no harm to the player shooting it over and over again. 

    • The gun will have infinite ammo. But will have a recharge rate based on speed, the slower the player moves the longer the cooldown. 

    • Firing type the Fma will be a item the player can use at all times, by pressing the

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