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Real time strategy where the player fights the environment of a oxygen less planet.  

Design Overview

Level Resources

Units : The player starts off with ten explorers who all have different stats. Some are faster, some can see fathers etc. using these explorers the player must move through a fog of war to gather resources to survive until they are able to build a rescue beacon.

Oxygen :

the player's oxygen begins to fall as explorers pull from the oxygen. Oxygen is gathered from crystals on the maps. When brought to the base these will add to the terrarium. 

Iron :

The player uses this material to build a rescue beacon so it can be reduced and win the game.






The Life Line : 

while connected to the terrarium the player's units have access to all the oxygen on the ship. when a unit moves far enough away from the ship the line breaks. The unit then survives on the oxygen in their life support.




Movement :

The chosen unit will then move to the location if possible, each explorer has a speed they can move at. the player can also select the terrarium to move.


Camera :

the player can move the camera by moving the mouse to any edge of the screen the camera will pan along the direction of the mouse. the camera can also zoom in closer to the level by using the scroll wheel to increase and decrease the zoom.

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