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Game Designer



Steve Gutierrez



Work collaboratively to make interesting and fun experiences that will stick with players long after they put down the game.





Communication: Collaborated with engineers to deliver a fulfilling experience for players. Maintained contact with a remote art team to allow rapid improvement of assets and ensure functionality. 


Rapid Implementation: Worked closely with the engineering to implement new technology into the development pipeline. Have worked on several game jam submissions with a small team and had to quickly adapt to a theme to lead the team to reach our goal.


Dedication: Diligent and committed to attaining goals regardless of challenges. While working full-time and going to school, I participated in several game jams to continue to develop my game creation skills.

Stood by team through difficult release schedules making sure to give every team the resources they needed no matter what, even if there were actions needed outside of the normal QA process.

Technical Skills







Greybox Level design



Wave XR, Austin, TX

QA Tester, November 2017 - October 2020 (3 Years)

Found, reproduced, and verified bugs for Live Builds to broadcast to an audience. Smoke tested game builds to ensure that they were stable and without visual/functional errors. 

  • Worked on several high profile shows working with Artist Tinashe, Galantis, John Legend, and The Weeknd. 

  • Worked to maintain the quality of experience expected from the artist, as well as their respective audiences.

  • Communicated directly with the engineering team while working closely with the Live team responsible for controlling the real time interactions, to test small live group environments.

  • Worked with several remote artists in a rapid, iterative process for testing art assets. 

  • Used JIRA to track issues, determine severity, and assign bugs to be addressed by the development team.

  • Maintained the Confluence documentation of all procedures for live show elements.

  • Built and proceeded to test the process for a rapidly changing work pipeline.

  • Worked together with a broadcasting team to deliver virtual Live concert experiences. 



Currently enrolled in Austin Community College from 2017 -2021

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